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'A baby girl is viewed as a financial burden and is a second-class citizen.It is a village mentality and the further up north in the UK you go, the worse it gets.She lives in a council house with her two girls of seven and eight after being divorced by her Pakistani husband, who beat her up when she was expecting her second daughter, hoping she would lose the baby.'He pulled out clumps of my hair, gave me a black eye, and beat me on my arms, legs and body. I came round and managed to ring the police, who turned up to arrest him, but he had disappeared.'Uraj never saw her husband again. A few months later, after she'd had the baby girl alone in her local NHS hospital, she received a solicitor's letter asking her to agree to a divorce.She agreed.'He was 15 years older than me, but both the families approved of the match. He did not like that at all and made it clear he wanted the next child we had to be a boy,' she says now.'After they had done the scan, my husband was the one to ask the nurses what the sex of the baby was. I was very frightened about what would happen next.But in some areas of the UK, ratios have reached as high as 120 boys for every 100 girls for the second child of families.Rani Bilkhu, of the Slough-based women's charity Jeena International, which is campaigning to halt the sex-selective abortions, told the Mail: 'The Government can no longer brush this practice under the carpet as they have done.

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It was exactly how Asha and her husband, an office manager in East London, organised the abortion of their own little girl.Yet Asha, a Sikh whose parents came here from the Punjab, is telling me about a practice campaigners fear is worryingly common among some families living here originally from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.It has been discovered that the selective abortion of female foetuses (often with the unwitting connivance of the NHS) has provoked significant shifts in the natural sex-ratio of these migrant communities in favour of boys.From a terrace house near London's Olympic Stadium, a mother whispers her secret down the phone to me.She is speaking fast because she is afraid someone will come in before she has told me the shocking story of how she killed her unborn baby after an NHS hospital pregnancy scan revealed she was expecting a girl.'I was panicking that I was going to have a girl because I knew my family wanted a boy.

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